Michael Banzhaf

Artist Michael Banzhaf is known nationally for two distinct styles. 

The first style of his works is classic, using traditional formats reminiscent of ancient jewelry. It is bold, powerful, and timeless.

The second style of his works is a more natural format fueled by his concerns for the environment. “At the workbench, I pursue an organic approach to goldsmithing, allowing my creations to grow and evolve spontaneously,” says Michael, “it’s a playful process; one in which I give each piece a life of its own.”

It is through these processes that Michael makes a connection with the wearer of his creations. “By working with noble metals and fire gemstones, two of Earth’s most enduring materials, I hope to raise the consciousness of people to pitch in and take care of Mother Earth.”

If you are inquiring about one of Michael Banzhaf pieces, please contact at 970-476-4760 or email us at karats2@juno.com