Lunar Meteorite hanging from a South Sea pear slide. Legend has it, pearl is the gem of the Moon.

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Item: Pendant Only (If you need a chain we have many chains for you to choose from)
Description: Legend has it, pearl is the gem of the Moon. If you promised her the Moon and the stars this pendant would be a perfect beginning to keeping that promise.
Origin of Pearl: 16mm Australia South Sea Pearl
Origin of Meteorite: The Moon
At some time a meteorite slammed into the Moon. The force of the impact threw pieces of the Moon's surface high enough that they left the Moon's gravitational pull. They floated in space for a while, who knows how long, until they entered the gravitational pull of the Earth. They came to Earth as Meteorites where they were found in the Sahara desert of North West Africa. This is a slice of one of those Meteorites...A piece of the Moon.
Metal: 18K yellow gold
Inventory #: 1A2-35392